Value and mobility from health and beauty packaging wanted

Packaging is extremely impactful when it comes to purchase products: here two main “wants” customers expect to be fulfilled.

Health and beauty products are pivotal in our daily lives: they are expected to help us look better, fell better and improve our cleanliness and confidence. What differentiates every product it’s how each brand conveys the promise of their product.


Packaging is important: without it, many brands health and beauty products would be unrecognizable. Consumers feel packaging has a significant impact on the purchase. Perhaps it’s not a surprise that many customers are not completely satisfied in how beauty and health aids products are packaged, and there is a lot of room for improvement.

MWV Pkg Matters personal care 72 dpi

To contrast this, brands need to innovate sensibly; for some of them, innovation can mean implementing a dispensing system that can get every last drop of product out, a very major issues with customers, who feel cheated on what they originally paid and what they actually get.


High consumer expectations extend beyond the in-home experience: packages have also to fit in busy lifestyles, be easy to use in on-the-go situations and be available in small travel size, and they’re not often provided like this.


Health and beauty aids are a part of a consumer’s every day routine—at home and on the go.  A brand’s promise to the consumer begins with how they package and display the product inside. Packaging choices are key. They offer subtle cues about the product, they provide reliability on the go and will help a brand to build a positive relationship with the customer.


Source article on Packaging Digest

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