Understanding design strategy

To form a design strategy you have to consider first your clients’ business strategies: they are interrelated but they are not the same thing.


What is design strategy?

Design strategy usually aims “to merge business and creative objectives,” trying to “move design beyond just an aesthetic exercise.”; it could also be described as a way to invent the right language to convey, as clearest as possible, your clients’ business strategy, articulating “the parameters and potential of a specific challenge that drive a series of solutions or result”.

Design touchpoints


What goes into a design strategy?

Any design strategy should consider the problems and existing challenges, the ongoing benefits, the clients’ needs yet to be met, the shifting customer behaviours, trends that are emerging, opportunities to diversify.

In the words of Laura Tu at PWC:

“What is the one thing I find myself saying over and over again to my internal clients about design strategy? ‘Our design strategy is not about what you like or what I like. It’s about what’s right for us as a company and, ultimately, for our company’s customers. Our company is invested in this approach, and staying on strategy is the best way to create value for our clients.”



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