Twitter and blogs: brothers in arms

Breaking news: if your company blog isn’t using Twitter to promote your blog’s contents, it’s doing it wrong.

While lots of businesses discard Twitter as an obnoxious mouthpiece for sharing random private thoughts, silly pictures and cat memes, the truth is that Twitter is a great medium to create interest in conversations about your industry.

It’s also an effective way to get people to look at your content that is published elsewhere: 140 characters are a great lenght for eye-catching headlines and sensational revelations that leave the readers begging for more, making your company an expert on a given topic.

Here are three ways you can use Twitter to build a bigger following for your blog:

  1. Promote content more than once. One challenge with Twitter is the amount of noise at certain times of day. That means, depending on when you send out a Tweet linking to your blog, it may be overlooked. So, Tweet it again. And again. By examining the time of day your Tweets create the most blog views, you can fine tune your posting schedule.
  2. Schedule Tweets so they coincide with your blog’s publishing schedule. There are plenty of third-party tools (including HootSuite or TweetDeck) that allow you to write a Tweet and schedule it to go live later.
  3. Respect your followers and retweeters. Don’t make the mistake of considering Twitter as a one-way broadcast medium. If Tweets about your blog are inspiring conversations, retweets, or comments, take note and respond accordingly.


Source article on NullMedia.

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