The strange case of the whisky packaging and the album artwork

What happens when you team with famed artist Leif Podhaisky, whose creative mind is responsible for surreal and beautiful album artwork for musicians like Bonobo and The Horrors, to create a gift pack for Ballantine’s? This hypnotically abstract set of boxes and sleeves, part of the distillery’s new ‘Artist Series’, is what happens. And the result is colourfully magnificent. Give us a dram!!

A fresh spin on traditional whisky packaging, these psychedelic sleeves and boxes are inspired by the scenic and rugged beauty of the Scottish landscapes: the fluid shapes and saturated colours are balanced by a heraldic logo and Ballantine’s classic typeface to produce a truly distinctive gift pack, that can double as art on your personal bar.







Leif created the artwork for Ballatine’s in the same way he produces covers for musicians, by immersing himself: he spent time in Scotland and tried to comprehend the process of whisky making.n

“The Artist Series project with Ballantine’s gave me an opportunity to create a design that consumers can explore,” Leif explains. “They can see how the whisky-making process, the rugged Scottish landscape and the complex character of Ballantine’s whisky is reflected in the packaging artwork.”.





Source article on creativebloq

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