Susanna Bauer and the fragile beauty of crocheted leaves sculptures

Despite she works with dry big magnolia leaves’ rigid edges, Susanna Bauer manages to add minuscule cotton crocheted embellishments, thus creating amazing sculptures that link the natural world with the artificial one. The inherent fragility of the material itself, being dry leaves, it’s unusual enough to catch the onlooker attention when you meet these microscopic interventions: a closer look reveals how the near perfection of Bauer’s stitches represent a real work of herculean patience. A lot of her works are almost surprisingly intentional, as if the plants have naturally grown up this way, while other creations are more playful, showing additions or subtractions that reorganize an ordinary leaf in unexpected ways.


Seen here you can see every single sculpture created in the last months. At the moment the German artist is showcasing an exhibition titled Leaf Works at The Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World in Exeter, through the 26th of May. Additionally, the Cornwall-based artist has showcased her own creations, including new works, at the Muriel Guépin Gallery (from the 11th of March to the 16th of April), in a exhibition titled Natural Order.

You can discover more about this crocheting German work on her site.


Source for the article on This is Colossal.

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