Pot and plate: the pouch of the future

Pace Ready Meals has just made an important advancement in the pouch packaging field: its pouch self-vents, it transforms itself into a bowl, when the top piece gets removed after the microwave heating.

We have seen al lot of improvements and changes about pouches in the last years, wouldn’t you agree? This aluminum-laminated pouches, that were firstly invented to contain military-style ready-meals, really looked like the spartan, disadorn and practical foods they were intended to.


The ready-meals of today are packaged into stand-up pouches that have coloured prints, are plastic-made and are brand-forward: they are ready to be heated and, in this particular case, to be converted in a functional bowl. This versatility is optimal regarding cleaning up once the meal is finished: there are no pots and no plates to wash, after all.

Pace Ready Meals come in four flavours: cheesy chicken quesadilla, southwest chicken with corn and beans, fiesta chicken in rice with green and red peppers, Santa Fe steak with black beans and rice. This one offers a single-serve portion weighing 9 oz (255 g). The tagline of the product is directly connected to the convenience of the packaging: “Grab the Southwest by the punch” and “All you need is a fork, a minute and a microwave”.


Source article on Packaging Digest.

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