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What’s new in the packaging panorama? 3 pieces of news in pills!

Coconut water wears festive clothes

An American coconut water certified producer, Harmless Harvest based in San Francisco, has released a Christmas limited edition: the bottles are decorated by colourful snowflakes on a white background, while the 12 bottles pack are equipped by a bow and a little card, ready to be gifted. “We wanted to bring a bit of holiday spirit to our packaging this year and empower our consumers to make hydration a priority this holiday season,” says Harmless Harvest’s CEO, Giannella Alvarez. “Coconut water lovers can even share the love with friends and family, knowing that each purchase is supporting the wellbeing of communities across the globe.”   packaging

A coffee-shop product from the comfort of your own home

With One Touch Latte of International Delight, you can make your latte directly at home, just choose the flavour you like best: vanilla, caramel or mocha. One Touch is a flavoured milk dispenser in a spray can: it’s easy to use, just fill 2/3 of your cup with coffee, spray the milk from the can at 45° for 4-5 seconds et voilà, like being in a coffee shop! The dispenser technology lets sweeten and foam at the same time.   packaging

Coffee pods are old news! Check out this pouches for the cocktail machine!

The Bemis company has created a ultra-resistant film for alcoholic beverages packaging, on behalf of Bibo Barmaid, who is now producing single-portion, single-serving cocktail mix pouches, suitable for machines that assemble cocktails in less than 20 seconds. The product had to meet Bibo’s requests: to be burst-resistant, having a long shelf life, to be easy to transport. Bemis describes the film as multi-layered adhesive lamination with flexographic print in four colours.  packaging  The sources for the news and the pictures come from Packaging World.

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