Packaging trends in January 2016

What were the innovations and developments in packaging that emerged in January 2016? Here are the best articles that resonated more with packaging professionals at the start of 2016.

Winter is the coldest time of the year, if you live in the northern atmosphere. It is seasonally appropriate, then, to present the coolest packaging solutions and the most clicked on articles at the start of the year, in January. This list is the result of website metrics, not the opinion of the fine folks at Packaging Digest: the online audience of packaging professionals basically “voted” every time they clicked on an article.

What emerged from Packaging Digest list of packaging trends in 2015 is that experimental packages attract consumers and keep them coming back for more.

4# What happens when you watch TV? You get creative, that’s what. Gustavo Toca, after watching an episode of Shark Tank, revolutionized the market for single-serve wine. He thought it could improve what already existed by creating a filled and sealed, pre-packaged wine glass that looked exactly like a wine glass, with a stem! You can read about it here!


3# News form the panel at Pack Expo Las Vegas were sure worthy of a reading. The thought Leaders touched on a number of aspects of the digital revolution including serialization, machinery, the cloud, data capture, modeling, personalization, connectivity, and much more.

3-digitalrevolution_Full 72 dpi

2# Whatever you do in December, you will always attend an event or a party with enough food to invoke the Norwegian word smörgåsbord. And that, maybe, resonated with readers who clicked on the article about the best food packaging stories in 2015, filled with innovative packaging in the snack, candy and foodservice markets.


1# We know, articled about legal issues and regulatory actions are not people’s idea of an interesting and engaging article. But when the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) moved on the issue of genetically modified organisms in food and ingredients and legal expert George Misko reported on it, the article became the most read in the entire year.

1-Non-GMO label on 365 Organic_ChiaSeedBlack_15oz 72 dpi

Source article on Packaging Digest.


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