In anxious anticipation: a series of unsettling suspense moments

Kinfolk Magazine is famous for its minimal editorial articles, showing images that are so polished and organized to evoke a sense of calm when someone is gazing at a pictorial arrangement that is carefully displayed. The magazine new photographic series, called “Adrenaline”, however, is anything other than calming. Kinfolk has chosen artistic director Kyle Bean and photographer Aaron Tilley for a collaboration to produce a series of images, with the intention to inspire apprehension in the audience, being the inspiration behind the artists’ creation of the series baptized “In Anxious Anticipation“.


The pictures capture moments of dread, a figurative art that places itself as a metaphor to be linked to the emotions felt right before something happens, when you expect a bad scenario instead of the good one. Jordan Kushins‘ essay about anticipation and adrenaline goes along with Tilley and Bean photographic series or the moments before catastrophe struck.


“Whether we are preparing for the beginning of an event or just imagining to take part to it, the nervous anticipation buzz is sometimes as satisfying as the reward at the end”, says Kushins. ” Often just thinking what if? can be as powerful as the act itself, and the emotion of the uncertain can, sometimes, be bigger than the event itself.”


You can discover more about Kinfolk’s Adrenaline issue on their site. More about Tilley can be found on his Tumblr or on his Instagram profile.



Source article on This is Colossal.

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