5 social media tricks to promote your business

Social media offer a plethora of benefits to business owners. The evolution of platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn means that is necessary to be aware of the hacks, both in general and specific, that can help to reach the chosen marketing objectives.


1- Know what’s hot

If you can publish content that’s new and relevant to your market niche and the consumers you wan to reach, you will give your audience a great reason to read your posts on social media and from there visit your website. A great research tool is uvrx.com: powered from Google search engine, gives results for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin and other platforms. Social-search.com is another research tool designed to let users check how their chosen keywords are being treated by social media networks. It offers analytical data, make you discover new people to follow online, sentiments associated to keywords and which kind of post is successful.


2- Social media speak a new language

This idiom is made of videos, images and infographics. This kind of media is generating an exceptional engagement for those business which constantly use them in a creative and pertinent way. Vine, the video sharing app for Twitter, Instagram, and Flipboard for iTunes are among the app that make your post more appealing and make them shine on the timelines.


3- Grow your base

Reach followers, subscribers and “friends” is pivotal to create a effective and engaging social media campaign. A way to find new clients is to start paid ads on Facebook or Twitter to promote blogs or gain more followers. Another way is to subscribe to LinkedIn premium, that lets you reach potential partners via InMail. A underrate base hack to gain more followers on Facebook is to send the link to your Twitter followers. Similar techniques should be used on every social media platform to capture the audience interest when you’re already on their radar.


4- Save time

Whether you’re doing it all by yourself or with a large team at your disposal, you must automatize certain processes. If not, then these will become boring chores that you’ll only want to avoid. The activities that you can automatize, like mail or SMS updates, or publish content on social platforms. If this then that offers great solutions.


5- Embrace change and go with the flow

When a social platform changes its guidelines, you have two possibilities. You can accept change and adapt, or give up. If you choose the first option, you gain the opportunity to take the place of the ones who gave up.



Source article on Entrepreneur.

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